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We specialize in customized application development, IT services, and solutions for businesses in Malaysia, including networking, internet solutions, and consultation services, serving over 100 clients on PC Servers and IBM RS/6000 systems both locally and remotely."

The applications are developed locally to meet the User Requirements and the Applications are:-

Real-Estate Developer System (REDS)
Property Management Information System (PMIS)
Financial & Accounting System (ACCWIN)


Software We Provided

Real-Estate Developer System (REDS)
Property Management Information System (PMIS)
Financial & Accounting System (ACCWIN)


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Zurich Insurance Group

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We take pride in our team of dedicated and highly skilled programmers who are committed to delivering trusted programs tailored to your needs. With their expertise and experience, we ensure that every solution we provide is of the highest professional standard. Trust us to bring your ideas to life with reliable and innovative programming solutions.


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Real-Estate Developer System (REDS)

Your complete real estate management solution. From market surveys to stakeholder management, we've got you covered. Expect fast response, easy integration, and continuous upgrades for your business success.

Property Management Information System (PMIS)

Your cost-effective property management solution. Streamline billing, flexible scheduling, and efficient reporting for commercial and residential units.

Financial & Accounting System(ACCWIN)

Manage your finances seamlessly with our integrated systems: GL for analysis, CB for cash transactions, AR for customers, and AP for suppliers. Simplify your accounting processes effortlessly.

Other Service

Explore our services in system enhancement, customization, and development for tailored solutions to meet your business needs.