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  • Company:eBizness Software Sdn Bhd
  • Year Established :1995(20++ Years)
  • Number of Employee :1-60

Company Overview

eBizness Software Sdn Bhd was established since early 1995 (20++ years ago) by several experienced IT Specialists who anticipated the emerging of vast opportunities in Malaysia for a value-added business in the latest & high technology fields. The Company is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Product & Services

We specializes in developing customized application programs for both public and private enterprises, providing on-going professional services to corporate companies in Malaysia, assisting enterprises in developing computerized information systems by customizing to their specific needs and requirements. We have a base of more than 100 customers using our applications on PC Servers and IBM RS/6000 midrange systems in same LAN and remote application regardless of the distance. Our other services are: Networking & Cabling services, Internet & Intranet Solutions, Supplying server and peripherals, IBM value-added reseller and Consultation & Migration services.