Real-Estate Developer System (REDS)

Our comprehensive system, REDS, is designed to streamline and enhance every aspect of your real estate business. From conducting thorough market surveys and managing marketing endeavors to ensuring seamless sales processing and efficient stakeholder management, REDS offers a robust and user-friendly solution. With its built-in report generator and seamless integration with third-party applications, including Microsoft Office tools, REDS provides practical and easily accessible reports. Offering scalability, state-of-the-art technology, and compliance with industrial standards, REDS is committed to delivering fast response times and constant improvements, ensuring maximum data compatibility and faster return on investment. Trust REDS for a total integrated system that supports your business's growth and success.


-Market survey for competitor information.
-Prospect listing, mailing list, and invitation list management.
-Registered and VIP customer handling.
-Project costing.
-Creation of project, phase, block, and floor codes.
-Lot details creation, including build-up area, pricing, and additional features.
-Maintenance of architect, solicitor, and panels of bankers details.


-Analysis of Prospective Purchaser
-Reservation Processing
-Contra Processing
-Sales Registration ie. Registration Of Lot & Renovation Package Kit
-Loan Registration.
-Sales Analysis Report By Phase/Block/Project/Category
-Analysis Of Prospective Buyers� Income Group & Etc.


-Generation of Progress Billing, Reverse Billing, Interest Billing & MISC Billing
-Collection Processing & Printing Of Official Receipt
-All Transactions ie. Billings, Debit Note, Credit Note & Official Receipt Are Integrated To Financial System ie. Cash Book & General Ledger
-Redemption Processing
-Multiple Set of Documents Can Be Maintained For Each Projects.
-Tracking on Loan Documents, S & P Stamping, Reminder, Loan Differential & etc
-Document Writer
-Auto Sales & Loan Cancellation Process
-Statement Of Vacant Possession
-User-defined DVP Letter
-Computation Of Estimate And Actual LAD Report


-Handing Over Inspection
-Handing Over Tracking
-Rectification Work Monitoring
-Stakeholder Financial Summary Report
-Ageing Of Rectification Works
-Contractor Monitoring
-Analysis On Customer Calls
-Analysis Of Defective Complaints

Other Service

-Assignment Of Stakeholder Solicitors
-Stakeholder Collection
-Stakeholder Official Receipt
-Stakeholder Financial Summary Report
-Allow Multiple Sub-Sales / Refinancing Process
-Sub-Sales History
-Sub-Sales Analysis Report
-Build In Report Generator
-Fully Integrated With Third Party Application e.g. Microsoft Office - Excel, Word & Access
-Practical And User Friendly Reports

Why Choose Us?

-Seamless integration for efficient operations.
-Scalable technology for future growth.
-Proven market success and compliance.
-Swift data conversion with minimal downtime.
-Reliable support with extensive experience.
-Ensures maximum data compatibility and minimal costs.
-Committed to continual improvement and upgrades.