Join us in shaping our future accomplishments.

We are actively seeking skilled and driven professionals to join our organization for the following positions:

Applications Programmer

An Applications Programmer is someone who works in many different programming languages to create the source code, which is responsible for creating small or large parts of a piece of software in concert with others. Applications Programming is the meat and potatoes of programming, and requires a very creative mind, as well as one that can retain lots of information about the requirements of the software, the requirements of their teammates and the code itself.

Software Support Executive / Software Consultant

A Software Support/Consultant is someone who is in charge of making sure that all parts of a specific operation, project, or piece of software are well-coordinated, and running smoothly. He/she needs to know all how to communicate effectively and quickly, coordinate the software used by the different parts of the project, make sure that the different elements are all compatible, and ready to go.

System Engineer

A System Engineer is working on IT design, implementation and consultancy services of computer system, networking, system integration, database and maintenance. They are in charge of common PC, Server, Printer, Software and System integration. A strong analytical, diagnostic, troubleshooting and problem solving skills mind is the key of the person.

Industrial Trainee � Programmer

An Industrial Trainee - Programmer is concerned with being creative and adaptive at the same time. Programming and math knowledge are central to a Programmer's job, and those who enjoy working on puzzles and logic problems will enjoy working as a Programmer. You will learn how to apply your book knowledge to the real world of Programming!